You are the Key to Owning Your Own Home, No One Else Can do It For You

There is a local bank here in Lexington Kentucky advertising boldly, “We are your Key to Owning Your Own Home.”
These are not just  small ads you see here and there but very large adds that are in the week end Lexington Herald Leader.

I chuckle when I see adds like this for a couple of reasons.
First of all they are not true.  Right now more than any time I can ever remember the “key” to owning a home lies fully with the buyers.  I talk with people weekly who cannot buy a home because of poor credit.

There is not one bank on earth right now that will give a loan to a buyer who has poor credit.  Some lenders will work more patiently with buyers to help get their credit scores up so they can buy.  However, the potential home buyer here in Lexington Kentucky will need to make some personal sacrifices if they are motivated to improve their  credit scores enough to buy a home.

If you are a home buyer in Central Kentucky who has a dream of owning a home please contact me.  I can introduce you to some people who will work with you to achieve that dream.  It will take diligence on your part and a willingness to listen and act upon what you learn.  It is very possible you will be able to buy within a few months.  But it will not be possible to buy a home because some bank “promises” to be the “key.”  YOU are the KEY!

The other reason I chuckle about this advertisement is I really wonder how many potential qualified buyers ever even open a newspaper?  My experience is that every buyer I work with continually uses the internet to find homes.  I suspect this bank is wasting its money on this advertisement that falsely states “they are the key to owning a home.”


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