Why You Lose When You Try to Save on Realtor Commissions.

The Jubilee Team charges 6 percent to sell your home.  Almost always the buyer has their own client so they get three percent and Rector Hayden Realtors gets 3 percent. We are aware that there are realtors who charge 5.5 percent and even 5 percent.  Occasionally we have even seen 4 percent. ( How do we know that?  Because at the closing everyone gets a settlement statement that shows exactly what the charges are to the seller.  Almost always the agent who lists the home advertises to the buyer’s agent that they are paying 3 percent.  That means that they get whatever is left over as the listing agent.)

Rector-Hayden Realtors

The Jubilee Team of Rector-Hayden Realtors Sells Homes

Why it makes sense to pay The Jubilee Team 6  percent to sell your home. We hire a professional photographer to take the photos of your home. Take a look at a few of our listings and you will notice that the photographs are much better than most homes listed.  The quality of the photos is critical to selling your home for the top price for several reasons.

  •  83 percent of home buyers find their homes on line
  • Most of the rest depend upon realtors to find the homes to view.  Realtors also are gong to select homes with the greatest appeal.
  •  The virtual tours we pay for are created from the professional photos.  The quality of these tours is paramount to selling your home.
  •  These professional photos are going to be used to make the booklets that advertise your home and in all advertisements.
  •  These professional photos will be digitized and sent to multiple search engines.

We spend the time and energy necessary to sell your home for the highest price. We call realtors who are showing homes like yours in your area. Rector Hayden’s large number of realtors gives us a huge data base to mine when looking for buyers. We create video and write blogs to promote your home   This again takes time and energy. We are  constantly monitoring the local market to make sure you are fully aware of every detail that may affect the sale of your home.

Do the Math

The Jubilee Team knows that when Rector Hayden Realtors receive 3 percent for selling your home and the buyer’s agent gets 3 percent that  your bottom line will be higher than when you list with a so called “discount realtor.” This is why:  Discount brokers  make their money to support themselves by listing as many properties as possible.  They do not have the time to work hard to sell their listings and they certainly do not have the money to market the home.  They also do not have the time to really negotiate the best price for their sellers.

Think about this!  If I am willing to discount my commission how much effort do you think I will put into negotiating the best price for your home?  If I am willing to give away the money that supports my family how much more am I likely to just want to get your home sold and not worry about how your bottom line? Experience shows that spending the time and energy to market a home will put money in the seller’s pocket. If The Jubilee Team is to list your home we will spend the money and the time needed to get the very best price.  More buyers will see your property and it will sell quicker at a better price.

An example: Bob and Sue’s home is listed at $100,000 and The Jubilee Team is able to market it and get it sold in less than 60 days for 99 percent of the asking price, or $99,000.  Bob and Sue pay the full six percent so their commission is $5,940  The net for the seller  is ?93,060  before other settlement costs. If Bob and Sue were to list with “Mr. Discount Broker” at $100,000 and he charges them only 5 percent it is highly likely the home will not sell as quickly or for as much money.  If the discount broker does not spend the money to really get traffic to the house then it is possible the house will stay on the market much longer and that it will sell for less.  If the home sells for 96 percent (which is quite common) then the selling price is $95,040.  If the home is listed at 5 percent commission then the seller will pay $4,752 but their net will be only $90,288 before closing costs. So listing with a discount broker could cost the seller $4,752.

A Jubilee Team core value is to always treat people as we wish to be treated.  We believe we are worth  every penny of our commission and more— so we will not be discounting our listing.  I am so certain of this that when I sold my own home near Seattle I paid full commission to another broker.  I had my real estate license but I paid another agent 6 percent because  I knew this broker would be able to spend the time to market the home.  I knew this broker would do everything possible to get the best price.  I also knew this broker would be honest with me and tell me exactly what the highest market price really was.

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