What is a Walk Score? Part Two of New Features when searching for homes for sale in Central Kentucky

Would you like to know how far it is to walk to the library, or the grocery store or the nearest park?  The Walk Score will give you a quick number that summarizes for you how difficult it is to walk from the home you have found.

Even better the walk score gives you a linked map that allows you to quickly know the address of the different places of interest near your home.  Take a quick look at the map below.  This is a Walk Score of a home with acreage that I have listed in Wilmore Kentucky.

New search for homes in Central Kentucky gives easy access to the Walk Score

Searching for a home in Central Kentucky, nice to have the walk score.

The higher the score the better for walking.  703 Jewell Road has a very low score so that tells you right away there is not a quick walk to any of the selected places.  However it may be that walking an hour or two really is not difficult for you.  In that case maybe this is not such a bad location.

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