Walk Scores Help Home Buyers Find Homes That Save Gas and Time

Walk scores help home buyers find homes that save gas and time.

People spend time sitting in their cars driving to shop, driving their children to school, driving to church, driving to a restaurant, driving to work out at the local gym.  Driving to the gym seems especially ridiculous. 

According to HowStuffWorks.com there are huge advantages to walking.

Walking can cut both your weight and your carbon footprint. One study suggests if Americans traded their cars for their feet for just 30 minutes every day, they’d collectively burn 10.5 billion calories. Overall, the United States would save 6.5 billion gallons (24 billion liters) of gasoline and cut its carbon dioxide emissions by 64 million tons (58 million metric tons) [source: CNN].”

Some home search engines give a walk score to each property listed for sale.  TheJubileeTeam.com has this feature.  Our search engine not only gives a score but also gives a list of the differnet locations in which to walk along with the time it takes to walk to those locations.  The example shown below has a link to a home for sale in Beaumont Reserve.

Walk scores help home buyers find homes that save gas and time.


Walking can save gas and time and maybe even your life. Consider walk scores when searching for a home.

This is a newer subdivision that is close to almost everything.  The walks scores are relatively low but not a low as I think they should be.  To me it is reasonable to consider anything less than a mile an easy walk. 

I would rate the walk score much lower because almost everthing needed when living in Beaumont is less than a mile.  I guess most people drive to such places but I walk a mile to the grocery store and consider it time well spent.

I walk a mile in less than 15 minutes.  So I can walk to the store and back in less than half an hour.  I get a half hours excercise while shopping.   It just makes a lot of sense to me.

There is a very cool feature about walk scores.  The public can add a destination and give it a score.  I would hope the more destinations added the more accurate would be the walk score.

Walk scores do help home buyers find homes that save gas and time. 



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