Venidium or Cape Daisy is a spectacular cut flower that every gardener should grow.

Brilliant color, long lasting cut flowers, long stems and easy to Grow

If you are beginning to dream about your garden for next year and I hope you are then bookmark this blog and add this flower, Venidium,  to your list.  

South African native flower Venidium has a huge WOW factor.

Growing Venidium or Cape Daisy will add fun and spice to your life.

I grew both the white (Prince Zulu) and the orange (Orange Prince) on our farm in Woodinville Washington.  Their stems are longer than Gerbera daisies and they are much brighter with a larger blossom.  

Beautiful South African Daisy is a must try for the serious gardener.

Stunning South African cut flower needs to be in every garden.


I have not tried growing Venidium here in Kentucky.  I will be trying it though this coming spring.  I was feeling nostalgic yesterday and discovered this photo of a bouquet from our garden in Woodinville.   Here in Lexington I suspect Venidium will need to be started indoors in the winter and put out in April.  They should be protected from frost but they like the cool nights.  I suspect they will bloom from mid May until  mid July in Kentucky.  I plan to also give them a try in the fall next year.  The summers in the southeast are certain to be too hot for this treasured flower. 

These are very good cut flowers.  They will close up during the cool nights in the garden but when you cut them and place them in the warm house they open quickly.  

Both the white and the orange have a black ring in the center and they glisten like jewels.  Some of the photos you see on the seed sites are very poor.  This is a stunning flower both in the garden and in a bouquet.  They have hollow stems so you need to cut them into very hot water.  Just run the water as hot as your tap water will get and the flower will last much longer.  This is true especially also of dahlias, zinnias and most other good cut flowers.

The links above in the paragraph under the first picture will give you a source to buy the seeds.  Happy Growing!  Paul

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