Trying to Sell your home? Should you get an inspection before selling?

When most people sell their homes they are excited to move and get into that next home.  In this current market a good buyer’s agent will insist on a home inspection.   So sellers try to temper your excitement a few degrees.

A House Not Ready to Sell

Experience shows here in Lexington Kentucky that the house is not sold until everyone has signed the closing papers.   With buyers in control right now home sellers should be waiting to celebrate  until after they have reached an agreement on the inspection.

The chances of something coming up on the inspection that can cause some serious negotiating are very good here in Lexington.  Those items usually can be worked out between the buyer and the seller.  However if there is something needed that  affects the function of the home such as a defective furnace or air condition then it can easily kill the deal.

So, that brings us to the question about whether we should pay for an inspection before listing your home?  I don’t have a “best answer” to that question.  I do have some other questions and comments that will help you make the best decision.

1) Have you been diligent about keeping up your home?   If you are able to keep your home maintained so that everything is serviced promptly and everything looks new then there is not as great a need to have your home inspected before listing it to sell.

2) How coveted is your neighborhood?   If you live in a neighborhood where homes sell quickly then it may be that buyers will pay more for your home and not even worry about the inspection.

Money bag.

Do you have the cash needed to fix your home?

3)  Do you have enough monetary resources to pay to have the home “fixed” if there are major items that appear on the inspection?   Having the cash on hand to fix  something will make it much easier for the home seller to do whatever the buyer wishes.

4) Do you have the energy and time to deal with something that comes up on the inspection that catches you unaware?   Some people get very angry and almost paralyzed when they read something that may or may not be true.  Inspectors will be careful to note anything that “they think” may be a problem.   Here in Lexington most inspectors will note  any kind of standing water.   It may have just rained a couple of inches and if they see water standing they will make it sound like there could be a big drainage problem.  Yes, there could be.  However experience often shows there is not a drainage problem and if there is it often can be fixed by adding extensions to the gutter downspouts.  The point is if you can address the “problems” with rational thought and take the time to examine the cause you will be in a much better frame of mind than if you get angry and are pressured to act without taking the time to explore the truth.

So my advice to the home seller is that if you do not have the time or energy to explore and get to the bottom of an inspection then it may be wise to get an inspection done before selling.  However it should also be noted that even with a good inspection the buyer’s inspector will almost always come up with something that was not caught by the seller’s inspector.  So you will still have issues to deal with that you did not expect.

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