Three Cheers for Standard Tire in Nicholasville

Last week I ended up leaving my trailer out on Marble Creek Drive in Nicholasville.

Standard Tire in Nicholasville, Kentucky


I finally found someone who had the correct size trailer tire on Friday.  I had called numerous tire stores, all the big ones I think in Lexington and could not find the correct 14 inch trailer tire.

I finally decided to do a search of people who sold tires in Nicholasville. I am pleased to share that Standard Tire in Nicholasville Kentucky had exactly what I needed.

When I called Jackie listened patiently as I explained my need.  She talked briefly with Donald the owner and confirmed Standard had the tire, in fact they had two.  I asked how long it would take to get the tire mounted.  Jackie replied 20 minutes.  

I drove to Nicholasville and Justin had my tire ready to go sooner than expected.  I decided to buy an additional tire since I expect the other one is also ready to “explode.”  The other one of course was still on the trailer.  Jackie insisted I did not need to pay anything until I returned with the trailer and Justin had installed the tire on the trailer.

I returned with the trailer in less than an hour.  Justin installed the tire.  I was delighted  the whole bill came to $50.00 less than the quote by a big tire store in Lexington.  So, if you are ever in need of tires I want to strongly recommend trying out Standard Tire in Nicholasville.

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