The Jubilee Team’s Shout Out – Thanks to Lexington Kentucky’s Super Heroes!

The Jubilee Team is delighted to announce that the community service project was a huge success this weekend.  

The Jubilee Team wishes a huge thank you to The Central Kentucky Volunteers

Thanks to a team of volunteers from the greater Central Kentucky area who braved the weather on Friday and then the huge turn out today we finished painting the interior of the house at 5:30 this afternoon.

I called the owner and she was bubbling with joy.  This is an opportunity for her to start fresh another chapter in her life.

Her son’s favorite color is green.  He has been living in a dark

Fom bright red to green in two days!

Tranquility now reigns with this cheerful green room

red bedroom since he was a baby.  Now he has a freshly painted green room.  I put a couple of men from Wilmore, David Cary and CA Post on painting the very red room. They stayed focused and had the playroom and bedroom mostly done by lunch time.

My dear friend, Mike Baldwin from Chick Fil A showed up just before noon with the hot chicken sandwiches and box lunches.  Three cheers for Mike and Chick Fil A.  We had a delicious lunch together and everyone went back to their tasks.

Tom Vines was a good sport and labored most of the morning and early afternoon all by himself in the utility room.  Bill Cook and Phil Clark from Lexington finished the master bedroom and then helped with the utility room when Tom had to leave.

Darrell Kincer from Lexington spent most of his day working on the wall above the steps and helping finish trim in various locations.  Darrell was one of the early arrivals and worked a long day.

Thanks Dan LaBar for filling in for Dorothy.  Thanks especially for tackling that nasty masking tape that had melted into the drywall.  Note to homeowners:  Do not apply masking take and let it remain on the walls.  Get it off the walls as soon as possible.

Paula Boycott was the loan female volunteer today.  Paula thanks for putting up with all the guys.  I am especially thankful that you stayed late and helped me clean up our big mess.  Thanks also for discovering that water problem in the Kitchen.  

Jonathan Moore, Central Kentucky’s artisan home construction professional and his friend Ruben were the

Jonathan Moore finishing trim in the master bathroom.

master painters who conquered the tall cathedral ceiling.  We could never have finished so quickly without your skill, bravery and tenacity.  My ladder climbing days ceased a few years ago so I am most grateful for your assistance.

Yesterday we were graced with several employees of Bone Dry Roofing.  Jade Marsh brought over three employees and they donated  much of the afternoon.  If you want a reputable roofing company with great standards and a  terrific warranty you want to do business with Bone Dry.

Gary Fleck  of Proven Learning was also able to volunteer his afternoon painting the bannister and the trim to the steps yesterday.  Gary is also a great painter.  He takes a task on and plows through until it is done with great care.

We could never have even begun this project without the moving crew early Friday morning and the cleaning crew that followed closely behind.   

Andy Bathje and Brian Reenders from Confrontation Point in Wilmore and Michael Lawrence, my insurance agent,  thanks for showing up at 7:30 Friday morning and getting all the furniture moved to the center of the rooms.

Robing Matlock and Gretchen Jacobs with an assist from Henry Paasonen did a fantastic job getting the walls and baseboards spruced up and ready to paint.

Besides having a great lunch from Chick Fil A we had the world’s best cookies supplied in abundance by Nemi Paasonen.  Nemi those oatmeal, raison and walnut cookies were priceless.  

It is getting late and I am tired so I know I will miss a few people.  I am most thankful for all of your help and that we were all kept safe.

Let us all pray for the families of the victims of the tornadoes and let us rejoice that we have the opportunity to help those who are in need.

Thanks again so much to all of Central Kentucky’s greatest Super hero cartoon.volunteers.  You really are our Super Heroes.

I also want to give a big thanks to Carson Campbell of Sherman Williams paints on Regency Road.   He generously donated almost half the paint and also gave us a discount on the rest.  Thanks so much Carson.  

Paul and Dorothy, The Jubilee Team


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