The Jubilee Team’s New Web Site is Under Construction – Selling Homes, Planting Seeds

Please be patient as Dorothy and I learn to use and create on our new web site.  We were so excited to have you all join us for our celebration at Jewell Road on January 21st.

Come help The Jubilee Team paint a home and serve your community.

The Jubilee Team is now gearing up to celebrate by helping a Lexington family spruce up their home.  We are inviting all our our clients, friends and family to help us paint the inside of a home in Lexington on March second and third.  Yes, it is our goal to clean and paint this home in two days.

We have all kinds of jobs that week end in which we can use your help. We will need people to help clean on Friday.  We have a professional cleaner that will be organizing all the volunteers.  Friday evening, March 2nd we will need people to begin the paint preparation.   We also need cheerful volunteers to move things, cover the floor with tarps and plastic, tape the trim and various other things.

On Saturday we will commence to painting at 8:00 AM.  We would like to have painters in shifts.  If would be great if you could commit to at least one two hour shift.  Of course if you can do more that would be also be greatly appreciated.

Dorothy LaBar will be publishing a schedule which will make it very easy to volunteer.  Stay tuned for more details about this exciting event.


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