For Sale – $114,900 Updated 3 bedrooms with a full unfinished basement in popular Lexington neighborhood!2


Finsh the basement and have almost 2,000 square feet of living space.

Remodeled home ready to move in coveted Lexington neighborhood. Full unfinished basement waiting to finish for the savvy buyer who wants a lot of home for the money.

For Sale – $114,900 Updated 3 bedrooms with a full unfinished basement in popular Lexington neighborhood!

Wonderfully updated & remodeled ranch on a full basement.  This home features hardwood floors, open floorplan between kitchen & family room, pantry, raised vanities in bathroom, nice sized bedrooms, full basement, rear entry garage, large fenced yard, and more.  Recent updates include new water heater, refinished hardwood, shower doors, carpets, and garage door.  In addition, sellers are offering a 1yr Home Warranty to buyers as an extra peace of mind. Located on a cul-de-sac street in a popular school district and just minutes from UK, downtown Lexington, shopping, dining, entertainment and more.  Don’t miss your chance; call for your private showing today!

For Sale – $114,900 Updated 3 bedrooms with a full unfinished basement in popular Lexington neighborhood!

What a joy to live in this Lexington 3 bedroom home.

For Sale – $114,900 updated 3 bedroom home in a great Lexington neighborhoodl.


Finish the full basement and have a 2,000 square foot home in a coveted Lexington neighborhood.  You will love this location.  Walk to shopping, drive a short distance to The University of Kentucky and downtown Lexington.

The owners have opened up the kitchen to the living room to make this home have very spacious feel.  The home is located on a cul-de-sac which is another bonus!

Lansdowne Merrick Subdivision 5 Year Market Report, Lexington Ky 40502

Lansdowne Merrick Subdivision 5 Year Market Report, Lexington Ky 40502

Lansdowne Merrick Subdivision, Lexington Ky A saltbox style home at the end of a street.


These first two graphs show homes sold and the average price.  Be sure to scroll down to view the graphs that show the number of days on the market and the square footage of the homes sold.

Lansdowne Merrick Subdivision is a neighborhood that is a short commute from downtown Lexington and the University of Kentucky.  It is inside New Circle Road and an easy walk to Chinoe Center and Lansdowne Shoppes.  It is also a short walk to Julius Marks Elementry.  For more details on this coveted neighborhood click on this link.

This is neighborhood that just does not have a large turnover so our numbers of home sold is not very large.  There are still some interesting things that can be learned from looking at these first two graphs below carefully.

Lansdown Merrick Subdivision 5 year market report, Lexington Ky 40502

There is a dramatic reverse corelation between the number of homes sold and price for the first four years and only a slight difference in 2012.  The more homes that were on the market the lower the price sold.  This is to be expected in most markets. So the interesting question is why 2012 prices took almost a 10 percent rise when the number of homes on the market stayed high?  Could it be that buyers have recognized these homes are really a very good value?Take a careful look at the cost per square foot bar graph below.  Even though prices went up almost 10 percent in 2012 the prices per square foot of homes sold in Lansdowne Merrick went down over over 10 percent.  Read below the detailed explanation.  


Sellers,  this may be a very good time to put your home on the market if you live in Lansdowne Merrick.  Buyers, with the interested rates still historically low you can still buy on of these homes with a very low monthly payment.

To get a free market analysis on your home or set up an appointment to see one of these homes on the market give Paul a call at 859.684.5890 or send him an email at  Click on the link below to see the homes currently for sale in Lansdowne Merrick Subdivision.

The homes for sale in Lansdown Merrick currently range in price from $148,000 to $272,950.


Lansdowne Merrick Subdivision 5 Year Market Report, Lexington Ky 40502

These two graphs show the Days on the Market and the Square Footage of the homes that sold over the past five years.

Two things that stand out on these two graphs.

  • The days on the market for 2012 have dropped significantly.
  • The size of the homes is significantly larger for 2012.

So what does this mean? 

It means that buyers were eager to snap up these larger homes because they recognized real value.  In 2011 homes in Lansdowne Merrick subdivision sold for $93.41 a square foot.  In 2012 they sold for $84.19 a square foot.  Prices of homes sold increased per unit but they were a great value because of the size of the homes that sold.

Emerson Woods Subdivision, Days on the Market and square footage of homes sold for five years, 20008-2012

Lansdowne Merrick Subdivision 5 Year Market Report, Lexington Ky 40502 Days on the Market and square footage of homes sold for five years, 20008-2012 








More fun, much easier and with many more features. Searching for your dream home in Central Ketucky at

The Jubilee Team is very pleased to announce that we have made searching for your home in Central Kentucky a much more rewarding experience. 

Have you ever been disgusted because you really cannot define the specific price of a home when searching in Lexington and other Central Kentucky towns?

Finding a home for sale in Wilmore is easy and fun on

Searching for your dream home for sale near Lexington Ky is now a joy!

Are you tired of searching for a home for sale in Lexington and finding that there is so much text in a small space that your eyes flame out after two minutes?

Are you fed up with searching for a home in Lexington and finding sites that load so slowly you can watch the hair grow on your fingers as you type?

Are you tired of searching for a home and then having to search on a different site for a good map?

When searching for your Central Kentucky home that is for sale you get two useful maps.

Two great maps show you right away what you need to know.

Would you like to be able to search for homes for sale in Lexington Kentucky and other Central Kentucky communities and find that there is always a map that shows all the schools, all the businesses, all the libraries and everything else that will be of interest to your family?

The Jubilee Team’s new searches are designed to be “your home away from home” so that you can get timely, accurate and needed information as you look for your new home in Lexington and other Central Kentucky towns.

This is the first of a few blogs that will explore this new wonderful search experience for homes for sale in Central Kentucky.  Please enjoy!

A Free Event in Lexington Kentucky too good to miss this week.

People often are convinced that something free is too good to be true.  When it comes to the Lexington Kentucky Parks and Recreation Department that is NOT true.

There are two events this week that you simply must attend with your family that are totally free!  The other event starts Friday.  If you like dogs this is something you will not want to miss!

Come join the fun at  Moondance on Tuesday nights.  Free fun for the whole family in Lexington , Kentucky.

Awesome music for free with the children at at Moondance in Beaumont. Tonight at seven!

Tonight the first of the season’s Big Band & Jazz performances opens from 7–8:30 pm.  Held every Tuesday evening from May 17 through August 21, Big Band & Jazz is one of Lexington’s longest running and most beloved concert series. Tonight’s concert will be held at the Moondance at Midnight Pass in Beaumont. Bring the children, grandchildren or whomever and enjoy a great evening of great music under the stars.  Call 288-2925 for additional information.

Confessions of my Crazed Tornado Friend

A Pacific Northwestern Learning to Cope with Tornadoes.

A large tornado reeks havoc.


I have permission from my wife Kathy to share this story she wrote about an experience with tornadoes in March.  This was actually two days before the destructive tornadoes that  crushed much of Eastern Kentucky.  We are used to reacting to earthquakes.  We know how to quickly duck and cover.  However we are not used to tornadoes!

Siren Reactions

They blow sirens in the Lexington neighborhood to alert people about possible extreme weather.  It was terrible rainy weather all day long, warm and when warm meets cold often there will be tornadoes.  Anyway, at about 12:30 I was upstairs and Caroline was playing.

Tornado Confusion

The sirens started going off, but it was a different kind of siren, it didn’t just blare and stop  it went on and on.  So I went to the computer and turned it on to where I read:  Breaking News:  Tornadoes, Major Damage in Heartland.  Heartland!!!!  That is just two developments to the south of Gainesway where we live.  So I scooped up Caroline and ran down the stairs to the basement.  We went into the little (interior walls,downstairs) bathroom and prayed aloud as the sirens kept going.  I sat hugging her, praying out loud and listening to the continuing sirens. 

The Toilet is Revisited!

Then when the sirens stopped I came out.  I called Paul.  He was at work and reported my news to other people, who all started to panic. Then I went upstairs and checked the computer again……  Oh…..they meant Heartland like the heartland of the USA not Heartland neighborhood in Lexington, Kentucky.  Go figure.  My bad.  (I called Paul back and he reported my blond moment to many relieved people.)  Both Paul and Marnie have had lots of fun teasing me about my panic.  But hey  we were safe!  Then Thursday Caroline gathered up some toys and said, “Let’s go downstairs. I finished up what I was doing and walked with her.  “Why are we going downstairs, Sweetheart?”  “I hear sirens.  Let’s sit on the toilet and pray.”

Growing Grandchildren – Gardening with my little ones.

Warm Weather Arrives Early

The recent summer like weather gave me the opportunity to spade some ground and start planting some seeds for the spring garden.

Little Ones Help

Little helpers watch Grandpa cover the arugula.

Sam and Caroline helped me plant the beans last year.  This year I let them plant the onion sets, sow some radish seeds and some arugula.  The rows are not straight but the seeds are up and they are proud of their accomplishments.

The Wonder of It All

Caroline really enjoys eating everything we grow and Sam just enjoys helping Grandpa.  For me just watching these precious ones so eagerly help warms my heart and gives me hope for the future.  The joy of working to grow our own healthy food is such a blessing.



Baseball and Gardening


Every Day Miracles Do Happen

Seeds sprouting always remind me there is a God of Miracles.

Grow your own plants with 100 percent success.


I started several different kinds of seeds on Friday and Saturday here in my propagation center in Lexington Kentucky, only two and three days ago.

Seeds are Coming up in less than Three Days

This afternoon when I checked the lettuce seeds were pushing green life through the potting mix, the statice seeds were also peeking their little heads out and several other seeds were causing the ground to bulge.  

It will never cease to amaze me how quickly seeds will sprout if you control the conditions.

Visit these blog posts to learn how to grow your own plants with 100 percent success.