Yes, There are Hot Homes in Lexington, Even in this Market.

There are parts of Lexington right now where homes are selling for more than they did at the peak of the market in 2006 and 2007.  Don’t assume that your home has lost value.  Yes, home prices in Central Kentucky are on the average just below what they were in 2004.  Look at the average sale prices column on the left on the chart below.

However there are lots of exceptions!

Sales Prices in 2011 are lower than in 2004 in Central Kentucky

 There are hot neighborhoods and there are hot home styles.  I recently sold a home in Lexington for $25,000 more than the sellers were  planning to sell it.  They did not realize that the floor plan of their home is “hot.”

Are you in a “hot neighborhood.”  Does your home have a “hot” floor plan.  Contact Dorothy or Paul to find out.  Don’t sell for too little!