Sunday Open Houses in Lexington Kentucky – A Realtor’s Marketing Dinosaur?

Are open houses on Sundays worth the time?

Is Sunday the best day for a realtor to hold an open house.


Many Realtors have dismissed the open house as a waste of time and money.  Typically I read or hear “I don’t do open houses.  They are a waste of my time and money.”

On the other hand I know Realtors who regularly do open houses and claim they sell homes at open houses and typically get leads.

I am not aware of any research data that supports the idea that open houses sell homes. 

I personally have not had a great deal of success using the open house as a marketing tool.  I also have not picked up a lot of new buyers from open houses.

Is Sunday still the best day for an Open House?

The point of this blog post is to begin dialogue about the practice of holding open houses on Sundays.  I suspect that a Sunday open house is a left over idea that continues to exist because of tradition.

When I was a child Sundays were mostly reserved for going to church,

A church building

Typically when I was a child we went to church on Sundays.

taking naps, eating big meals, visiting family and friends and taking the Sunday afternoon drive.   

When I was  a child never did we shop on Sundays.  In fact most businesses were closed on Sundays.  We also never went out to eat on Sundays.  

Could it be that Sundays are now too busy for most families?

Today it seems to me shopping, going out to eat, and team sports for youth are all a major part of what happens on Sundays.  

Shopping on Sundays seems to be popular in Lexington Kentucky

Shopping on Sundays is very popular in Lexington Kentucky.


So what is my point?   Things have changed.  Sundays are no longer the revered day reserved for church going and families.   In fact I would argue that Sundays are booked!  Sundays are now filled with activities to the point that few people now go on the traditional Sunday afternoon drive.

Could Saturday be a better time for an open house?

During the last 50 years the pace of our lives have increased to the extent that perhaps a Sunday afternoon open house is not convenient or even the best time for families to drive around looking at homes.  

As I observe our culture suspect that  Saturday or even week nights may be better times for an open house than Sundays.

Therefore The Jubilee Team has begun holding open houses on Saturdays.  So far we have had very similar results to our open houses on Sundays.  We have found that people do attend Saturday open houses.  We had one recently in which the weather was cold and icy, and yet we still had twelve families attend.  

It also seems to me that most of the visitors were more likely to stay around longer than on a Sunday.

The Jubilee Team has made the decision to make sure we get at least one day a week in which to rest.  We are now holding Saturday open houses.  Any open houses on Sundays in the future will be held by guest Realtors.

If you are someone who frequently attends open houses I would very much like your feedback on this subject.  Thanks, Paul

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