Spring Forward – Yes we lose an hour of sleep tonight. – How to Compensate

What can you do to help next week go as smoothly as possible when we lose an hour.

1.  Go to bed an hour early.  Nothing you did not know but something I find hard to do.

2.  Eat your meals an hour earlier and make sure you do not eat before going to bed.  Not only will you sleep better you also will not gain weight.

3.  Adjust your schedule if possible to only get up ten minutes earlier eat day and adjust slowly to the time change.

4.  Find a reason to reward yourself for having a good attitude during this week.  Losing an hour can make even a morning person a little grumpy.   Set to be cheerful and reward yourself.  Tell your spouse that you plan on being cheerful every morning and then follow through.

Have a Good Nights Sleep!  I am off to bed.

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