Raking Leaves the Easy Way, Gardening Made Easy in Lexington Kentucky

Raking leaves the easy way  —  gardening made easy in Lexington, Kentucky

I am dragging a twelve by nine tarp of leaves to the compost pile.

Gardening in Lexington Kentucky made simple by raking leaves into a tarp and pulling them to the compost pile.

I often see neighbors spending hours raking and bagging leaves.  They bag the leaves and leave them on the street to be picked up.  I compost my leaves which, in the long run, takes less effort than stuffing them in bags.  How can that be?  Well my collection method is the biggest time saver.

I use a 12 by 9 painting tarp to transport the leaves from my front yard to the back.  I also collect many of the leaves from my neighbors.  I can rake at least four wheel barrow loads of leaves onto my 12 by 9 tarp and drag it to my compost pile in the back yard.  For more details on composting leaves read click on this blog post.

Raking leaves the easy way, gardening made easy in Lexington Kentucky

Raking leaves onto a tarp saves a lot of time and energy.

Ban the leaf blower and rake leaves. Get a little exercise and save some gas.

Raking leaves into a tarp is good, clean, non-polluting exercise.  If you think you need a leave blower to take care of your leaves, think again!    I hope you will give the raking into a tarp method a try.  Noisy, gas guzzling leaf blowers really do not save that much time.  They add noise pollution, air pollution and do very little to help the gardener gain some oft needed exercise.


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