Radon is a killer, get a free test kit to protect your family.

SAVING LIVES -Radon is Dangerous!!!

Radon — seriously?  YES.  Radon is an invisible, odorless, radioactive gas that is found naturally in rocks and soil. It enters homes through cracks and other openings in foundations. The only way to know if your home has an elevated radon level is to test. The Division of Environmental Health has free radon testing kits available 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday-Friday at their office, 804 Newtown Circle, here in Lexington.   For information, call (859) 231-9791
When I first started working in Lexington as a realtor I knew nothing about radon.  As I began to know of non smokers who died I began to do more and more research and now I am convinced this is something we should all take very seriously.  

I lived 58 years in the Pacific Northwest.  I don’t recall ever knowing or even hearing of someone in the states of Idaho and Washington who did not smoke but died of lung cancer.  But I have lived less than five years in Lexington.  I personally know one person and know of several others who were not smokers who have died of lung cancer in Kentucky. 
Most people assume that radon will be only a problem in a home with a basement.  That is a dangerous assumption.  I recently represented a buyer where the test came back in a ranch home that was 7.2 p/L, which is almost twice the danger level (as recommended by the EPA).   
Protecting your family from Radon is your first priority.  If you do discover you have high radon levels then it will cost somewhere between $900 and $3,000 to get it mitigated.  Mitigation for most homes will probably be less than $1,500.  Homes with a crawl space are usually more expensive because of the labor involved to seal the plastic.  Crawling around in a crawl space is difficult work and you cannot expect this done cheaply.
Another reason to mitigate radon is if you intend to sell your home.  If you do have a radon problem you not only protect your family’s health but you also make it much easier to market your home when you get ready to sell.  Knowing the radon has been mitigated lifts a huge burden from your family and gives the new buyers also an assurance that they have a safe new home.


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