Public Notice,Earn a $500 Tax Credit and Save Energy Too!

Public Notice, Earn a $500 Tax Credit and Save Energy Too!

Yes it is true!  The tax package that “prevented us from going over the cliff” also had a little gold nugget in there for home owners.  The $500 energy tax credit is good for one more year.  During the recent snow and very cold weather it was obvious which homes needed more insulation in my neighborhood.  There were a few homes with snow that stayed on the roofs but the majority of the homes had a pretty quick snow melt, indicating that the heat IN the house was escaping through the roof and melting the snow.    My friend and energy expert Jonathan Donley calls this observation of roof melt “reading the frost.”

I have been “reading the frost” about Lexington neighborhoods and it is evident that most home owners in Lexington need to add insulation to their attics.  What is even more interesting is that many of the same homes that need attic insulation have replacement windows.  This is especially interesting for two reasons.  First adding insulation to the attic is much less costly than replacing windows.  Secondly adding insulation is a much better way to save energy.  Why is this?  Simply put, heat rises.  When your attic is lacking insulation  much of your heat energy is lost.

Why do so many people spend the extra money on windows and ignore the attic insulation?  Could it be that it is much easier to sell windows than insulation.  The old cliche, out of site out of mind, may be the real reason.  I have had numerous window sales people over the years knock on my door peddling replacement windows.  I don’t ever remember an insulation company coming to my door to sell me blown in attic insulation.

To learn more about how to really create a energy saving attic go to Jonathan Donley’s web site or even give Jonathan a call.  His web site is and his phone number is 859 533 6117.  I don’t know a better energy expert or more trustworthy person in Lexington than Jonathan.  

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