Public Notice to Home Sellers: Get an Accurate Market Value for your Home!

A plethora of web sites portend to offer “Free Home Values” for homeowners.  The trouble is all of these online services are just estimates , and are typically nowhere close to the real evaluation.

This could be the best time in 8 years to sell your home.

If you are planning on downsizing or moving into a larger home, this could be a great time for you to maximize your investment in your current home.

For example, I just ran my home through four of these online “evaluation sites.”  The most accurate was 94 percent of the appraisal done over a year ago, and prices have been rising since that appraisal.  The least accurate estimate I found online was just 81 percent of the appraisal value, and the average was 91 percent.

If you are using these online services to try to decide whether it is a good time to sell, you will be sorely disappointed in most cases.  Not only will they be inaccurate, but in order to get these bogus “valuations,” you will have to give all your contact info to multiple real estate agents.

Avoid the disappointment of finding a “bogus” value for your home and call Paul Campbell now to schedule a free home valuation. (859) 684-5890.

Benefits of a free home valuation with Paul, an expert realtor in the Central Kentucky market, include:

  • significantly more accurate valuation than a website
  • no hassle from multiple realtors
  • personalized review of comparable sales near your home
  • analysis of the unique differences in your home

Contact Paul to schedule a free market valuation of your home at (859) 684-5890 or email him at

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