Propagating Seeds, Part 2 Lexington’s Green Thumb Realto

Part two of propagating is to help the grower make sure they get the soil moisture just right.  Too much water and you can rot the plants and too little water and chances are they will never sprout.

The key to getting your propagation mix at just the moisture level is to add warm water from a watering can. Mix the soil with a spade or hoe. Test the soil regularly by squeezing a fistful and then dropping it about 18 inches. If it breaks into a bunch of small pieces then it is still too dry. If it stays in tack when you drop the fistful then the soil is too wet. You want the solid handful of soil to break apart just a bit around the edges.

Once you have done this a few times you will begin to intuitively know whether the soil is correct by the touch. Have fun and good luck. Paul

Part One of the Propagation Series


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