Propagating Plants- Part 3, How to Tell When the Soil has the Correct Moisture

Getting just the right amount of moisture is most important when starting plants from seeds.   The soil mix I recommend in Part One has ingredients to hold moisture.  Therefore if you get the soil too wet you risk having the seeds not germinate.  More likely though the seeds will germinate and then dampen off.  That is a condition when the air and soil create too much humidity and the plant just tips over and dies.

Watching this video to get a demonstration of how to check to see if the soil has just the right moisture.  The key is to pick up a handful of soil, squeeze it and drop it to see if it crumbles a bit.  If the soil holds together pretty good but crumbles a bit on the sides then it is just right.

Seven Videos on How to Propagate Seeds

Part One   Part Two


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