Old Kentucky Churches on State Highway 141 between Big Hill and Possum Trot Road

Another small church with impressive sign on state highway 141 in Kentucky

This cement sign is just another evidence that Birch Lick Missionary Church in Kentucky is serious about stewardship.

Old Kentucky Churches on State Highway 141 between Big Hill and Possum Trot Road

This is the first of at least two photo blogs.  I cannot do these churches justice on one short blog.

Driving down to show the Jubilee Team Possum Trot listing property a couple of weeks ago I took pictures of old churches on Highway 421.  These churches are on about at 40 mile stretch of State Highway 421 between Big Hill and Possum Trot Road.  These are all small churches and most are quite old but it was evident by their condition that the stewards of these church buildings took good care of them.  This is a photo blog but I hope to interview at least one of the ministers of these small churches and write about

Deer Stable Missionary Baptist Church sing.

Deer Stable Missionary Bapist Church


New Sign for Deer Stable Church of God?

This appears to be a newer church at Deer Stable. There is a much older Church of God nearby that looks as if it may not be in use.

The Ten Commandments sign on an older church on highway 421.
This church has a very interesting stature.  I wonder if it has been a miracle for this church to continue to exist with this unusual construction?
Miracles do exist.

I could not find a name of a church on this building. It may be abandoned.

their ministry in the near future. 

One of many churches  well kept in Kentucky

Clover Bottom Missionary Baptist Church on Highway 421 in Kentucky


The Steeple on Birch Lick Missionary Baptist Church.

The Trinity Church of God Sign is near the road and the building sits off the road.
A very well kept church building shows the people care about stewardship.
Big Hill is on State Highway 141 just southeast of Berea Kentucky

One of the many churches on State Highway 141 on the way to The Jubilee Team listing at Possum Trot Road


  1. Ellen Shelton says:

    My dad, Rev. Larry Shelton, used to pastor Clover Bottom Missionary Baptist Church, and he held a revival at Deer Stables Missionary Baptist Church.

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