Neighborhoods in Fayette County

In 2011, Lexington was rated #1 by Forbes magazine in the category of Best Cities For Finding a Job and BusinessWeek ranked it #25 on the list of America’s 50 Best Cities. Nestled in the southwest corner of the I-75 / I-64 junction, Lexington is the only city within the boundary of Fayette County.  It consists of 300+ neighborhoods and has a population of about 295,000.  Lexington’s metropolitan area, which includes Fayette and the five surrounding counties (Woodford, Scott, Madison, Jessamine, Clark, and Bourbon) has seen considerable growth from a population of 100,000 in 1950 to 472,000 in 2010.  Just inside Lexington you will find 10 colleges and universities, 15 private primary & secondary schools, a dozen various hospitals, a commercial airport serve d by 5 major airlines, Keeneland Racecourse, a minor league baseball team, a variety of shopping centers and two malls – Fayette Mall which is indoors and Hamburg Pavilion which is an outdoor mall area, to name a few.

In the real estate world, Lexington is divided into four areas by an imaginary “x” that stems from downtown and goes out past New Circle and Man-O-War Blvd.  The four areas are as follows:

AREA 1 is the north part of town bordered by North Main Street/Leestown on the west and Paris Pike on the east.  Neighborhoods include downtown, Masterson Station, Thoroubred Acres, Meadowthorpe, Griffin Gate and many others.

AREA 2 is the east part of town bordered by Paris Pike on the north and South Main Street/Richmond Road on the south.  Neighborhoods include Henry Clay, Andover, Chilesburg, Stuart Hall, Greenbrier, Gleneagles, Bryant Oak, West Wind, Still Meadows, and many others.

AREA 3 is the south part of town bordered by Richmond Rd on the east and Limestone/Nicholasville Rd on the west.  Neighborhoods include Pinnacle, Chevy Chase, Century Hill, Glasford, Waterford, Hartland, Stonewall, and many others.

AREA 4 is the west part of town bordered by Limestone/Nicholasville Rd on the south and North Main Street/Leestown on the north.  Neighborhoods include Rosemont, Cardinal Valley, Beaumont, Dogwood Trace, Firebrook, Palomar, Willow Bend, McConnell Trace, and many others.