MedCare House Calls, A New Way to Serve Health Care

I recently have had the pleasure of being introduced to MedCare House Calls. MedCare is headquartered right here in Lexington.

I am one of the “baby boomers.”  As we baby boomers age it is becoming more and more obvious we need an alternative form of health care.  Does it makes sense for the masses of aging to go to a clinic or hospital to see a doctor?

Med Care House Calls

Sitting in a doctor’s office just increases the odds that we will come home even with greater health needs.  Being exposed to another cold or virus is the last thing we need.  Sitting and waiting is also the last thing most aging people want to do.

MedCare House Calls allows the doctor you trust now to visit you in your home when it is convenient for you.  MedCare House Calls makes it so easy to see your doctor.  No more waiting in the doctors office being exposed to potential ailments you Do Not Need.  No more waiting in traffic or trying to find a parking spot.

Give MedCareHouseCalls a call 859 410 7410 to begin having your doctor see you at your home.  


  1. Ellen Raine says:

    Am inquiring about in-home health monitoring after “home health” visits end for my 93-year-old housebound mother in Frankfort; she has Medicare A and B as well as supplemental/secondary insurance through AARP. Please send available info!

    • Paul Campbell says:

      Hi Ellen,

      I don’t know if I can help you. I am a realtor and write this blog to just help inform people about things I learn about. I know that caring for the elderly can be very difficult. MedCare can help if your mother’s doctor will agree to do house calls. You should call her doctor and find out if he/she will do house calls. Are you sure the home health visits are ending? I would call Medicare and find out why? God Bless, Paul

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