March Madness – More than B-Ball – How about the weather?”

My Fascination with Weather

The Beauty of a Winter Snowfall

Winter;s Whiteness Blankets Lexington Kentucky


My memories are laced with planning my farming and gardening around the weather.  The weather dictates to a farmer much of what they can or cannot do.  I am no longer a farmer but I still do plant a garden and I am addicted to watching the weather on the Internet.

March Weather Madness

March began with four inches of snow.

The largest snowfall of the year in Lexington was in March


Basketball crazed fans here in Lexington are all captivated by March Madness.   March Madness would be a good description of the weather here in Lexington this past month.  We started the month with the years biggest snowfall.  A week later it was pushing 80 degrees and the temperature hovered around 75 or warmer most of the month.  Of course it did cool down for a couple of days most weeks but then the temperature would shoot right back up.  This created some violent weather and we spent a few days ready to bolt to the basement.  For a funny and frightening narrative about tornadoes you should read this true story written by my wife.

The Rewards of Warm Weather

The lilacs are blooming at least three weeks early.


The Dogwoods and Redbuds are in full bloom, the grass is growing faster than I can keep it  mowed, the perennials are popping out of the ground and we are almost ready to eat lettuce from the garden.   Snapdragons are usually an annual in the Pacific Northwest but here in Lexington mine have now survived three winters and are already growing their blossom heads.  The early spring has me dreaming of a luscious garden and bountiful blossoms for the next seven or eight months.

Do We Throw Caution to the Wind?

It is tempting to start the tomatoes and peppers early but the “old timers” swear planting hot weather crops before Derby Day is foolishness.  Maybe I will plant just a few in case this weather  craziness continues.


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