Lexington Home Sellers – Don’t Waste your Time or Money Ignoring the Obvious

Today as I was showing homes in Lexington we visited a home with obvious structural problems.  You could see the corner of the house drooping when we drove up.  Walking in the sloping living room confirmed the first impression.

A two story house in need of upkeep.

 The seller’s disclosure had nothing about this obvious problem.  This home has now been on the market most of a year.  Does the owner really want to sell?  It is not a bank owned home, it is not a short sell.  Why would anyone ignore such a problem?

Sellers it is to your advantage to disclose serious problems with your house.  Here are just a couple of reasons why it is SMART to disclose.  Disclosing:

1.  Simply sets the buyer at ease about your integrity.  If it is obvious to the buyer it has to be obvious to you the seller who has lived in the home.  Not disclosing causes immediate distrust in the seller’s integrity.

2.  Makes it difficult for the buyer to insist the problem is fixed at the inspection.  The inspection form states that the buyer cannot ask the disclosed problems be fixed.  Now, obviously if you are not willing to get something major fixed the home is not going to sell unless you are ready to give a big discount.  So it is paramount you get a bid and fix the problem or discount the price.   

Lexington home owners if you are thinking about selling your home and you have an obvious problem it would be best to face that problem.  Call an expert and have them give you an estimate on how much it will take to fix the problem.  If you need help finding the expert give The Jubilee Team a call and we can help you find some trustworthy home repair experts.

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