Leaf collection schedule and details for 2012 in Lexington Ky

Leaf collection schedule and details for 2012 in Lexington, Ky:

If you want to let the city collect your leaves in Lexington this year then now is the time to get prepared.  The collection starts today and will be finished before Christmas. The map below shows how the city is divided into areas for collection.  Collection begins today in area A which is basically between Nicholasville Road and Richmond road.

The details on when these areas will receive the leaf collection for Lexington are listed below in this blog.

The basic facts about the leaf collection are listed below.  This is taken from LexingtonGov.com.

My understanding is that these leaves are composted.  So if you do not have your own compost bin you can let the City collect your leaves, compost them and then buy them back from the city next spring when you need compost for your garden.  This of course helps provide jobs for city workers and provides extra money to the oil companies who provide petroleum to power the trucks, leaf blowers and recycling equipment.

But for a better and greener way — you could collect your own leaves and compost them!  It could be an adventure!  (Keep telling yourself that.)   You can get the details on how to do your own composting from this blog I wrote a few months ago.  Of course this method provides healthy exercise, does not pad the pockets of the big oil companies and saves taxes.  What’s not to like?

2012 Leaf Collection facts

  1. This program is for those residents of Fayette County who are in the Urban Services
    Area. Those who receive trash collection through the Lexington-Fayette Urban County
    Government Division of Waste Management qualify for this service. Residents who
    have private collection or other services for trash collection do not get leaf collection.
  2. Residential service will begin on Monday, November 26, 2012, for one collection only.
  3. The Division of Streets and Roads will administer the leaf collection program.
  4. Crews use eleven truck/vacuum units.
  5. The service area is divided into four areas or zones. Each zone will be serviced one
    time in 2012. Visit the LFUCG website (www.Lexingtonky.gov/leaves) to determine the
    day your zone will begin leaf collection.
  6. Leaves will be collected in Zone A which is in the southern part of the city beginning
    Monday, November 26.
  7. Leaves will be collected in Zone B which is in the western part of the city beginning
    Monday, December 10.
  8. Leaves will be collected in Zone C which is in the northern part of the city beginning
    Monday, December 17.
  9. Leaves will be collected in Zone D which is in the eastern part of the city beginning
    Monday, December 3.
  10. Every street in the Urban Service area will be covered only one time in 2012.
  11. Leaves will not be picked up when cars and other vehicles are parked on the street in
    front of leaves. By preventing access to picking up leaves, you will not have your
    leaves picked up.
  12.  Do not rake leaves into the street. This is hazardous and unsightly and could bring a
    citation and/or fine.
  13. The target date for completion is the end of the year. Inclement weather will be a factor
    for determining the completion date of leaf season.
I hope all of you have a wonderful (and leaf-y)  week.




  1. Judy Griffin says:

    I live at 3792 Camelot Dr. and my leaves have not been colleted. They were raked to the area you specified prior to the pickup date in the “A” collection area. Help!

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