Keeping Up With the Joneses, A True Life Home Buyer’s Story – Part One

A great place to search for homes for sale in Central Kentucky is the LBAR MLS>

Search using the LBAR MLS and get a real time feed on what is really on the market.

Keeping Up With the Jones’, A True Life Buyer’s Story – Part One

A few weeks ago I was blessed to see Nick and Brandy Jones accomplish a milestone task in their lives.  They purchased their first home.  When Nick and Brandy first started thinking about buying a home, I set them up with their own real time search on LBAR.  The Lexington Blue Grass Realtors multiple listing service is the most accurate place to get the real scoop about what homes are on the market.  There are other local web sites like or that have accurate information because these sites pay to have real time information.

Nick and Brandy were smarter than many of the people who call us.  In fact it seems most people want to do their own searching on Zillow or Trulia.  Zillow and Trulia do not have a real time accurate feed.  I don’t know what kind of feed  they use but often we have people calling us wanting to see a home that has already sold or that is pending, and sometimes the status of that home changed weeks or even months ago.  My guess is that Zillow and Trulia are popular because of their powerful mobile apps.   If a buyer wants a powerful accurate real time app  then they should use the Rector Hayden App that gets a real time feed from the LBAR MLS.

Get accurate real time information on homes for sale in Central Kentucky at

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Nick and Brandy wanted to buy in Georgetown because of Nick’s new job. They had certain things that were important to them and I set up a search criteria that met their specific needs and desires at that time.  In a later post I will share how Nick, Brandy and I sat down together over dinner and really nailed down exactly what was the very most important things they needed and wanted in a home. 

Using an up to date search engine to find homes in Georgetown gave Nick and Brandy accurate information that really helped them understand the market in Scott County.  When we began seriously looking at homes they were not misled by prices of homes that sold last year.  The market has changed dramatically and having accurate information is essential to make a wise home purchase.

Nick and Brandy then began seriously to consider all their options to decide whether purchasing a home was the best decision for them at this time.  The first thing they needed to know was what price of homes could they be pre- approved to buy. 

Part two will explore their journey in finding a home loan that would work best for The Jones’.




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