Ipomoea batatas? What is that? Read this post to learn the answer.

It Loves Heat

Chartreuse Sweet Potato Vine is a big hit!

Grows like a weed but looks like royalty.


If you live in a hot climate then you must grow some Ipomoea Batatus.  Ornamental Sweet Potato Vine is very easy to grow where the weather is hot and humid.  It loves heat and it likes water, so Kentucky is a natural place for it to thrive.


  This one is the lime green or chartreuse.   The other varieties are purple or almost black.  You can save the tubors by wrapping them in newspaper and storing them in a dry cool environment during the winter. 

Ipomoeo Batatus is a failproof trailing vine for the hot weather in Lexington Kentucky

If you love contrasting color, texture and a vine that grows rapidly then this is a must grow.



Plant them indoors by just covering the tubors with about two inches of soil and make sure they get light and they will start growing, transplant outside after any danger of frost.  They do not like cold temperatures so don’t get in a big hurry to get them outside. 

Take cuttings anytime the soil is warm and just stick them in the ground.  Be patient and they will start to grow in a couple of weeks and take off like Kudzu after they get established.  You can also grow some cuttings in a glass of water.  So before it gets too cold take a few cuttings and put them in some large bottles of warm water.  You will have Sweet Potato Vine all winter if you can keep it warm enough and give them enough artificial light. A kitchen window that faces south or east would be great.

Planting groups to complement.

Sweet potato vine will easily produce a fifteen foot vine here in Lexington Kentucky.  It spreads rapidly so don’t plant too many in one container.  The vines usually grow only eight to ten inches high so I like to plant zinnias or dahlias in the middle of the plant.   This gives you lots of color until a hard frost.

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