I am taking my life back. I will not bow to “the technology Gods.”

Fed Up

I am tired of the constant demand to always be available.  I was reminded again this weekend when I checked my messages after showing homes to a client that I am expected to be ready to respond at a moments notice.  There was a message saying it was too late to respond to a text lead from one of my listings.

Fail to Respond in Ten Minutes and You Lose!

If I do not respond to a text lead in ten minutes the lead is sent to another realtor in our I am saying no to "The Technology God"office.  The policy is to try to make sure the lead does not escape our network.  It makes good business sense.  Research shows that if a lead is not reponded to in ten minutes then it is likely to be lost.

I Choose to Be Present!

Today I made a decision to not let those “lost leads” cause me to feel guilty.  When I am not with another person I will respond to text leads.  However I will do everything possible to be present with the person who is in my presence.

Too many times I am distracted by the urgency to respond to something flung my way by “the technology Gods.”   NO MORE!

One person suggested Mark Twain would never have written “Huckleberry Finn” if he had been a Facebook addict.  I wonder how many great moments of creative genius are missed today because of the lure of Social Media, the “perceived need” to always respond promptly to a text message, or the magnetic appeal of email on demand?

I am going to choose to be present with the people I can see, smell and touch.  The “technology God” will no longer rule my life.

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