Home Vegetable Gardening Pays Great Returns

Home Vegetable Gardening Pays Great Returns

This time of year is so rewarding for the vegetable gardener.  I began planning this year’s garden in February and finally began turning the soil in March.  I planted early lettuce and onion starts, as well as peas and  potatoes.  They didn’t really begin to grow until this past month; now we can almost watch the peas climb the lattice.  It is an special joy to share the wonder of growing plants and harvesting with the “little gardeners” (also known as grandkids).  We have been harvesting fresh lettuce for over a month and are beginning to eat green onions, arugula and radishes.  

  Click on the Home Gardening map below and you will be taken to a really interesting web site that explains the demographics of gardening and also the value of gardening.   For instance the average 600 square foot garden will yield $600.00 worth of produce and will cost the gardener only $70.00.

If you are not a vegetable gardener please do contact me for some free garden consultations.  If you are a client or have been a client of mine then I have free vegetable starts for you this Saturday.  Give me a call or email me for details.

Vegetable gardeners get a great return on their investment.

Gardening is a joyful hobby but it can also be a very lucrative hobby.

Gardening in the Unitied States has an interesting demographic.

More gardeners are growing their own food.

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