Home Sellers -Insist Realtors show only qualified buyers your home!

Home Sellers – Insist Realtors show only qualified buyers.

I  heard a long report last night on the local news about a couple posing to be buyers and stealing items from homes they were viewing.  One of the best reasons to list your home is so that you can be protected from these kinds of thieves.  Home owners, you have the right to insist that Realtors show your home only to qualified buyers.

If all buyers are qualified then they will have already spent time with a lender.  Ask your Realtor to put these comments in the agent remarks.

“Please show the home to buyers who have been pre-qualified by a lender you trust.”

Realtors who show homes to strangers are not using their time wisely or making sure that the homes they show are protected from thieves.  When Realtors drop everything to show a home to a total stranger they put themselves at risk and they put your home at risk.  These real estate agents are usually “starving for business” and they are not likely to bring a buyer.  It is not worth the risk to have these people show your home to strangers.

Happy New Year!

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