Home Repair Made Easy, YES!

Home Improvement Must be Done Well if you Hope to Sell.

I often have shown homes in which the seller has decided to make some improvements but their good intentions and hard work did not accomplish what they had hoped. In fact often it does just the opposite. It is my opinion that if you cannot do home repair well then do not do it at all. The areas where poor craftsmanship is most often glaring is in the kitchen and the bathrooms. These are two places that you want to make sure you finish with great care. If you are new to home repair or renovation then make sure you have time to practice and continue to practice until your work is nearly flawless.

In today’s housing market if you hope to sell a home in Lexington Kentucky or anywhere in Central Kentucky you want the condition to be great. You can save a lot of money doing home repair yourself if it is done well. You can lose a lot of money trying to do home repair or renovation if it is done poorly.

How do you know if your home improvement project is done well?

You have a professional evaluate your work or you have a realtor who is willing to tell you the truth about your work. If you really plan to get the home sold and get the best price then you need to count on other people to tell you the truth about your home. If you are just hoping to sell then you are counting on a miracle.

The Best Source for Easy Home Improvement Done Well.

If you really plan on doing renovation yourself I highly recommend starting at this web site, The Family Handyman. The repair and renovation projects on this site are very clearly explained with detailed written procedures and pictures.  Follow these directions with great care and try a couple of projects.  Have a critical eye examine your work and tell them up front you want the absolute truth about your work.  Do not choose someone who is a people pleaser.  If they tell you a lie about the quality of your work I promise you it will cost you money.

If your project gets comments like, “that’s nice,” “not bad” or anything else that is mundane then you need to improve your skills or admit that this just is not going to be worth your money and time.



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