Another Reason to Buy a Home in Central Kentucky Right Now!

The Second Reason You Should buy Right Now is because prices of homes for sale in Lexington, Nicholasville, Georgetown  and other Kentucky communities are lower than they were in 2004.  That is right!  Take a peek at the chart below.  

Prices have dropped! Time to Buy a Home!

Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to own your own home.  In most places in  Central Kentucky right now your house payment will be less than rental would be for the same home.  I have had clients purchase three bedroom, two bath homes with very little down that are paying less than $750.00 a month to buy their own home.  

January 2012 sales of homes in Central Kentucky continued to drop. So prices are now even lower than the above chart depicts.  Check out the January 2012 sales on the bottom of the next chart on the left had side.

Prices continued to fall in January 2012 in Central Kentucky


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