Growing delicious lettuce in the fall in Lexington is rewarding.

I chose two varieties of lettuce to grow this fall in my garden here in the Gainesway subdivision in Lexington Kentucky. The first is Ahnuenue (Ah new ee new ee). This lettuce will germinate in warm temperatures. You need to plant lettuce here in August in order to get a good crop for the fall months. The soil is still quite warm so choosing a  variety that will germinate easily is important.  Lettuce seed usually will not germinate in soil warmer than eighty degrees.

Forellenschuluss, also called “Troutback” and “Freckles” is the other seed I planted. “Freckles” is may favorite of all lettuces. It has excellent flavor, keeps really well as do most romaine varieties and the coloring really spices up the appeal of the garden and a salad. I planted it closer to the fence because it is partly shaded at that location. It did not germinate quite as well but still I am pleased with the outcome.

Both of these varieties of lettuce can be purchased at

You really must visit the Fedco Seeds web site if for no other reason than to read the description of the seeds.  They give many fascinating details that are very enlightening and often funny.

I like to cut my lettuce when it is young and then it will grow back quickly enough so that I can cut it at least three times and often more.  I promise you if you cut the lettuce it will grow back and it will grow quickly.  If you do not cut the lettuce the leafs will often begin to decay and even become moldy as the weather cools.

Please don’t hesitate to call me if you need more information on growing lettuce in the fall.  859 684 5890

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