Deconstruction – Saves everyone money – Call the Habitat Restore in Lexington

Consider Alternatives to Demolition

Are you about to do a remodel of a kitchen?  Before just allowing the contractors to tear everything thing out contact Bill Wood at the Habitat Restore.  His contact info is: (859) 252-2224, ext. 128 or email at:

Habitat Restore is a Place you Must Visit

Save money and the environment at Habitat Restore

Deconstruction is a better alternative to Demolition

Habitat does a terrific job here in Lexington salvaging and reselling construction materials. It won’t cost you a dime to give them a call and see if deconstruction is the right choice for you.  It is possible that it may save you a bunch of dimes and even if it cost you a little money you will have the satisfaction of knowing you have recycled rather than added to the world’s garbage.

Save money and save the environment.

Do you want to save up to 75 percent on appliances, cupboards, doors, windows and lot of other materials?  Then visit the Restore.  The address is below.  It is in the same complex as Good Foods.  All the profit from the Restore go into helping Habitat provide housing to those in need.

451 Southland Drive

Lexington, Kentucky 40503







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