Could Saturday Open Houses be More Successful than Sunday Open Houses?

Could Saturday Open Houses be More Successful than Sunday Open Houses?

Two years ago I was getting burned out from working 24/7. I read Matthew Sleeth’s book 24/6: A prescription for a Healthier, Happier Life and decided to make some changes.  One of those was to work with a team and the other was to intentionally take a whole day off.

I chose Sunday to be my day off since that is the day I choose to go to church with my wife.  This meant changing all of my open houses to Saturday.  I have found that attendance at Saturday Open Houses is at least as good as Sunday.  How can that be when traditionally open houses have been held on Sundays?

There are at least five reasons I think that Open Houses on Saturdays are better than Sundays.

1.  Sundays, fifty years ago, were mostly days set aside for worship, drives through the countryside, picnics and for a few watching professional football games on television (punctuated by naps).  Most families had a good block of flexible time on Sunday afternoons and driving to open houses was often a chosen activity.  Shopping on a Sunday was not even possible in most communities fifty years ago.

2.  The typical Sunday list of activities did not include attending a youth sporting event.  There were no youth sporting leagues.  No Sunday afternoon soccer, no Sunday afternoon youth basketball, football, lacrosse or any other youth sports.

3.  Professional football’s popularity has skyrocketed the past 50 years.  Yes, there are a lot of people who also follow college football but the viewership of the NFL is astounding.  Read this article:  Professioanal games are held on Sundays mostly.  Since professional football has increased in popularity, many people devote their Sunday afternoons to watching professional football (though I suspect there is just as much napping as in the past!)

4.  Though some communities like Lexington have a large following of  college sporting events  (GO CATS!)   on Saturdays,  an  astute real estate agent can capitalize on the Saturdays there is a home game.  If the game is in the afternoon the agent can have the open house either before or after the game.  Many games are now at night and this provides the perfect opportunity to have an open house in the early afternoon.

5.  There is always the “allure of the unknown” with a Saturday open house.  Using directional signs and balloons seems to lure in a number of people who may not be thinking of buying or selling a home but will visit out of curiosity.  Of course this is possible any day of the week, but I will argue that people have more flexible time on a Saturday than a Sunday.

To summarize, I believe people who are committed to worship on a Sunday are far more likely to have flexible time on a Saturdays to visit a home for an open house and quite often even people who are not regular church attenders still have more time on Saturdays than on Sundays.

Oh, by the way, a few weeks ago I held a Saturday open house in Jessamine County and had 7 different families represented.  One of my team held an open house the same weekend on a Sunday in Jessamine County and had one person attend.


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