Confessions of my Crazed Tornado Friend

A Pacific Northwestern Learning to Cope with Tornadoes.

A large tornado reeks havoc.


I have permission from my wife Kathy to share this story she wrote about an experience with tornadoes in March.  This was actually two days before the destructive tornadoes that  crushed much of Eastern Kentucky.  We are used to reacting to earthquakes.  We know how to quickly duck and cover.  However we are not used to tornadoes!

Siren Reactions

They blow sirens in the Lexington neighborhood to alert people about possible extreme weather.  It was terrible rainy weather all day long, warm and when warm meets cold often there will be tornadoes.  Anyway, at about 12:30 I was upstairs and Caroline was playing.

Tornado Confusion

The sirens started going off, but it was a different kind of siren, it didn’t just blare and stop  it went on and on.  So I went to the computer and turned it on to where I read:  Breaking News:  Tornadoes, Major Damage in Heartland.  Heartland!!!!  That is just two developments to the south of Gainesway where we live.  So I scooped up Caroline and ran down the stairs to the basement.  We went into the little (interior walls,downstairs) bathroom and prayed aloud as the sirens kept going.  I sat hugging her, praying out loud and listening to the continuing sirens. 

The Toilet is Revisited!

Then when the sirens stopped I came out.  I called Paul.  He was at work and reported my news to other people, who all started to panic. Then I went upstairs and checked the computer again……  Oh…..they meant Heartland like the heartland of the USA not Heartland neighborhood in Lexington, Kentucky.  Go figure.  My bad.  (I called Paul back and he reported my blond moment to many relieved people.)  Both Paul and Marnie have had lots of fun teasing me about my panic.  But hey  we were safe!  Then Thursday Caroline gathered up some toys and said, “Let’s go downstairs. I finished up what I was doing and walked with her.  “Why are we going downstairs, Sweetheart?”  “I hear sirens.  Let’s sit on the toilet and pray.”


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