Park like one acre with 4,000 sq.ft home with walk out basement and 2 garages.

Park like one acre with 4,000 sq.ft home with walk out basement and 2 garages.

Yes, this is true! A beautiful lot backing up to a farm with two garages, a walk out newly finished basement and a master bedroom on the first floor with two baths.  All of this in Fayette County!  There is nothing like this property and home in Fayette County for anything less than $450,000.

For Sale -A ranch on a basement in Stonewall with new electric/gas combo furnace.

This all brick Ranch on a walkout finished basement is too good to be true for some lucky buyer!

An opportunity to buy a ranch on a basement in Stonewall?   YES!  This all brick home with new electric/gas combo furnace and new hot water heater is a very rare find.

Give Paul a call at 8596845890 to see this lovely home.

Location Continues to be the priority? Read this to find out the top five location influencers?

The number one factor that influences location of a home buyers want a safer neighborhood.  Read this blog to find out the other factors and to see what is happening to home prices in the state in which you liv

Will an Increase in Interest Rates Crush Home Prices?

Will an Increase in Interest Rates Crush Home Prices?

Will home prices fall when interest rates rise?

Will home prices fall when interest rates rise?

Intuitively it seems like when interest rates rise prices would fall.  Click on the link  below to get a historical perspective that shows what has really happened historically when interest rates rose.


Learn How to Buy a Home for Nothing Down!

Learn How to Buy a Home for Nothing Down!

“Truth is more of a stranger than fiction” – Mark Twain

I think Mark Twain understood that for some reason human beings are attracted to negative thoughts more than positive.   He certainly described the housing market.  It seems that half truths and misinformation are what is most common about the housing market.

Here are three common myths about buying a home.

1.  You need to save a lot of money to buy a home.

2.  If I buy now I will just be wasting my money if I move in a few years. 

3. I can only afford a junky home because I don’t make much money.

The Simple Truth is:

1.  You can buy a home in Central Kentucky without any money down.  

2.  If you buy now and use a good realtor to help you with your choice you will save enough money above your rent and your deductions from taxes and insurance to make up for any inflation.

3.  There are a lot of great homes in Central Kentuky that can be purchased for much less than the “nice home” you are renting.

Give Paul a call or send him an email to find out how easy it is to buy a home without any money down.   8596845890


PS  Start building wealth now!  Homeowners in America have a net worth  36 times more than that of renters!

Public Notice to Home Sellers: Get an Accurate Market Value for your Home!

A plethora of web sites portend to offer “Free Home Values” for homeowners.  The trouble is all of these online services are just estimates , and are typically nowhere close to the real evaluation.

This could be the best time in 8 years to sell your home.

If you are planning on downsizing or moving into a larger home, this could be a great time for you to maximize your investment in your current home.

For example, I just ran my home through four of these online “evaluation sites.”  The most accurate was 94 percent of the appraisal done over a year ago, and prices have been rising since that appraisal.  The least accurate estimate I found online was just 81 percent of the appraisal value, and the average was 91 percent.

If you are using these online services to try to decide whether it is a good time to sell, you will be sorely disappointed in most cases.  Not only will they be inaccurate, but in order to get these bogus “valuations,” you will have to give all your contact info to multiple real estate agents.

Avoid the disappointment of finding a “bogus” value for your home and call Paul Campbell now to schedule a free home valuation. (859) 684-5890.

Benefits of a free home valuation with Paul, an expert realtor in the Central Kentucky market, include:

  • significantly more accurate valuation than a website
  • no hassle from multiple realtors
  • personalized review of comparable sales near your home
  • analysis of the unique differences in your home

Contact Paul to schedule a free market valuation of your home at (859) 684-5890 or email him at



Prices are reasonable and interest rates are ridiculously low.  Call Paul for help with selling or buying a home.  8596845890

Good News for Sellers – Active Listings of Homes for Sell in Central Kentucky Continue to Decrease

Active Listings of Homes for Sell in Central Kentucky Continue to Decrease

Yes, the number of homes for sale in Central Kentucky have been on a slight downward trend for several months now.  This means that in the heavily populated counties like Fayette that prices are rising.  This is good news for seller’s but not so good news for buyers.  When there is less inventory there a fewer homes to buy.  That tends to cause prices to rise and that is exactly what sellers have been hoping since prices began to slide in 2007.

Great time to sell your home in Central Kentucky

Call The Jubilee Team to sell your home. Prices are increasing and there are fewer homes so this is a great time to sell. Give Paul a call to sell your home.


The low interest rates still make purchasing a home in Central Kentucky quite affordable.  If rates increase and prices continue to increase buyers will get less house for their money.  Give Paul a call to sell or buy.  The Jubilee Team sells homes quickly with less stress at top dollar.

Your money will not go nearly as far when interest rates go up.  Buy a home now!

Buying a home now is a great idea. As interest rates climb buyers will not be able to buy as much home.


Get the Facts, The Newspaper Headlines just get your attention!

Get the Facts.

Newspaper headlines are written to get your attention.  When it comes to real estate the headlines are usually negative.  Something like housing market is down.  Well for August the market dipped a bit from this summer which is typical.  However sales were still up much higher than a year ago.  So when you really want to know the truth about the housing market give me a call or visit my blog.


859 684 5890


Yes this lovely home is open all week.  I have set up my office here and am able to show this home, 1487 Townley during these hours.

Drop by and see what an awesome deal is waiting for you or your friends. See hours open this week below.

Open house all week September 29 through October 4th

1487 Townley wiil be open every day this week. Come visit!

Today  1:30 to 5:00

Tuesday 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Wednesday 9:30 AM to 11:30 PM

Thursday 10:00 AM to 2:30 pm

Friday – 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM

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