Buyers, do you want a home or a bargain? Know your motivation!

Everyone who buys a home wants something special.  Something they really love that is a great price.  However experience shows that everyone will need to compromise at some point when buying a home.

Yes it is true I have had many a buyer find “the perfect home.” However when they love the home they are always willing to pay whatever is needed to purchase it.  That “perfect home” will be worth the price.

So buyers, one thing that can make your home buying experience much easier is to only look at homes that are within about 97 percent of your buying power.  The best homes are listed to sell within about 97 percent of the asking price.  About 20 percent of the Realtors sell more than 80 percent of the homes.  These Realtors know that  you get the best price when the home does not sit on the market so they will help the sellers price accordingly.

It is easy to get caught up in the “I want to steal a house game.”  This game can cost you a lot of time and a lot of money.  Buyer’s if your goal is to steal a home then you are likely to end up buying something that really is not what you will want to live in.  The homes that are “stolen” are great buys for a reason.  They have been difficult to sell, or they are in very poor condition or there are just a bunch of unforeseen things that you learn about when moving into the neighborhood.

So the best advice I can give to all buyers is to meet with me and really let me help you determine what it is you want to buy and why.  If your primary motivation is to “steal a house” then I may not be the best realtor to work with you.   If you want to buy a house that you can make into a home that is a great place for now and the future then I can help you accomplish that goal.



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