Save money and buy a home NOW in Lexington

Save money and buy a home NOW in Lexington.

Save money and buy a home in Lexington NOW!

Don’t be foolish, start saving now.

Yes, renting is more expensive and the experts expect rent to continue to rise in 2015.  Buy a home and start saving money.  The Federal Reserve recently did a study that showed home owners have 36 times the net wealth of people who rent.  Buy Now!

Read more rising rental rates.


More reasons to sell your home NOW!

More reasons to sell your home NOW!

4 reasons to sell your home now

Selling a home in the winter has at least 4 advantages.

Many home owners think that selling a home in the winter is not the best time.  There are lots of reasons that the winter can be better than the spring or summer.  Read this blog post to find out the advantages of selling in the winter.  Just click on this link.

Good News Graphics for the Kentucky Housing Market

Good News Graphics for the Housing Market

If a picture is worth a thousand words then a graphic may be worth at least 500 words. 

Click here to get a great picture of why this is an unusually good time to sell or buy a home.

Graphic info that shouts, "sell and buy a home NOW"

These graphs are evidence this may be the best time in the past 8 years to buy or sell a home.

Gloomy weather DOES NOT mean a gloomy housing market.

Gloomy weather DOES NOT mean a gloomy housing market.

Home prices and sales continue to rise.

This is a great time to sell your home. It is also a terrific time to buy a home!

Yes, the weather seems like we have been transported to Seattle.  No, that does not mean the housing market is in a slump.  The facts are that homes are selling quickly if priced correctly.   Interest rates are still historically low and there are a good number of buyers out there looking for homes.   Give me a call and I can come do a market analysis for your current home. Call Paul 8596845890

Click on the link below to get the full scoop on home sales.


The Real Estate Market has Turned the Corner

The Real Estate Market Has Turned the Corner

There are a number of current facts pertaining to home sales as well as all kinds of prognosticators that expect home prices to continue to rise.

If you are renting this is the time to buy.  Interest rates are historically low and you can buy in Central Kentucky for less than you can rent.  So, why wait?  Give Paul a call at 859 684 5890

Click this link to get the whole scoop on the current housing market.

Will an Increase in Interest Rates Crush Home Prices?

Will an Increase in Interest Rates Crush Home Prices?

Will home prices fall when interest rates rise?

Will home prices fall when interest rates rise?

Intuitively it seems like when interest rates rise prices would fall.  Click on the link  below to get a historical perspective that shows what has really happened historically when interest rates rose.


Boone’s Trace Townhome for Sale, Just a short drive from Hamburg, Huge first floor master!

Boone’s Trace Townhome for Sale, Just a short drive from Hamburg, Huge first floor master!

Easy and safe living in the exclusive gated community of Boone’s Trace.A Boone's Trace beauty awaits the lucky owner.  This gated haven is only a 10 minute drive from Lexington’s best shopping at Hamburg.   Over 2200 square feet with an open floor plan, a huge first floor master  and all on the fabulous Bull’s Run Golf Course.  This ready to move in jewel is priced below the appraisal of September 4, 2014.  Give Paul a call to see this lovely

.  8596845890

Easy, secure living in Boone's Trace exclusive gated community.

Live on the 13th fairway of Bull’s Run only a short drive from Lexington’s Hamburg. A huge first floor master with an open kitchen and a dining room awaits the lucky owner.

Learn How to Buy a Home for Nothing Down!

Learn How to Buy a Home for Nothing Down!

“Truth is more of a stranger than fiction” – Mark Twain

I think Mark Twain understood that for some reason human beings are attracted to negative thoughts more than positive.   He certainly described the housing market.  It seems that half truths and misinformation are what is most common about the housing market.

Here are three common myths about buying a home.

1.  You need to save a lot of money to buy a home.

2.  If I buy now I will just be wasting my money if I move in a few years. 

3. I can only afford a junky home because I don’t make much money.

The Simple Truth is:

1.  You can buy a home in Central Kentucky without any money down.  

2.  If you buy now and use a good realtor to help you with your choice you will save enough money above your rent and your deductions from taxes and insurance to make up for any inflation.

3.  There are a lot of great homes in Central Kentuky that can be purchased for much less than the “nice home” you are renting.

Give Paul a call or send him an email to find out how easy it is to buy a home without any money down.   8596845890


PS  Start building wealth now!  Homeowners in America have a net worth  36 times more than that of renters!

Public Notice to Home Sellers: Get an Accurate Market Value for your Home!

A plethora of web sites portend to offer “Free Home Values” for homeowners.  The trouble is all of these online services are just estimates , and are typically nowhere close to the real evaluation.

This could be the best time in 8 years to sell your home.

If you are planning on downsizing or moving into a larger home, this could be a great time for you to maximize your investment in your current home.

For example, I just ran my home through four of these online “evaluation sites.”  The most accurate was 94 percent of the appraisal done over a year ago, and prices have been rising since that appraisal.  The least accurate estimate I found online was just 81 percent of the appraisal value, and the average was 91 percent.

If you are using these online services to try to decide whether it is a good time to sell, you will be sorely disappointed in most cases.  Not only will they be inaccurate, but in order to get these bogus “valuations,” you will have to give all your contact info to multiple real estate agents.

Avoid the disappointment of finding a “bogus” value for your home and call Paul Campbell now to schedule a free home valuation. (859) 684-5890.

Benefits of a free home valuation with Paul, an expert realtor in the Central Kentucky market, include:

  • significantly more accurate valuation than a website
  • no hassle from multiple realtors
  • personalized review of comparable sales near your home
  • analysis of the unique differences in your home

Contact Paul to schedule a free market valuation of your home at (859) 684-5890 or email him at



Prices are reasonable and interest rates are ridiculously low.  Call Paul for help with selling or buying a home.  8596845890