Anticipating a Unique and Amazing Meal in Brooklyn

Kathy and I have been watching our daughter Joanna and her husband Gilles cook most of the day.  More correctly most of the past three days.  They are both outstanding cooks and we are getting ready to enjoy a feast extraordinaire.

A palatte pleasing delight!

Thanksgiving meal in Brooklyn

We just finished eating and I what a delicious feast.  Spooned lamb that was cooked in broth with vegetables.  I now have a new favorite meat dish.  I like lamb but I have never eaten it with such flavor and tenderness.  The green beans with reconstituted mushrooms were a perfect compliment to the lamb.  The cornmeal dressing with cranberries and the baked potato dish may be the best ever tasted.  The potatoes were sliced thin and layered.  The sweet potatoes and white potatoes were layered alternately and there was a pumpkin sauce dripped over them before baking.  The dark red cranberry cherry dish added a tartness that really highlighted the flavors of the other dishes.

Potatoes and cranberries with cherries.

Layered potatoes with sweet potatoes and white potatoes with a pumpkins sauce. So delicious!

For desert was a gingerbread chocolate torte with vanilla bean ice cream made right here in Brooklyn.

Thanks Joanna and Gilles for a palette pleasing dinner.  Once again you proved to be culinary experts.

Green Beans Smothered with Reconstitued Mushrooms.

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