Thanks Lord for Sending Someone to Help

Today I loaded my trailer with ladders to take to my friends farm to help cover his cold frame with plastic.

I had to meet a client first at the property in Jessamine County where perculation holes were to be dug.  Just  before I arrived the trailer began making weird wobbling noises.  I discovered upon investigation that my left rear trailer tire had disintegrated.

After digging through my trunk to recover a tire wrench I was able to discover that the lug nuts were rusted on the bolts.  I  dug through the trunk again and recovered a can of liquid wrench.  I flooded those lug bolts so that I was certain they would loosen quickly.

Several minutes later I still had not loosened even one nut.  Just before giving up a gentleman from Bluegrass Energy came by and used his brawn and brain to help break those rusty lug nuts lose.

Thanks Bluegrass Energy Man.  You were the gift I needed today!

OH, The percolation test was a success!  Thanks Lord!


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