A Professional Grow Mat and Thermostat are Worth The Money – Part 4 of Propagating Plants

Saving Money can be Costly

When I moved to Lexington I bought a cheap grow mat and thermostat.  I thought that since I was no longer farming I would not be growing much and could save some money.  


Harris Seed is the Best Source

 Three years later I am regretting that decision.  The cheap mat was cheap.  It was no longer working correctly.  I went on line and found that the best price for the professional mat and the thermostat combination were at Harris Seed.  You may need to give them a call.  The mat did not show up when I did a search.  800-544-7938

 Make sure you get the heavy red mat.

The professional mat you want to buy is the thick red mat.  Watch this video to make sure you purchase the correct mat.  It will last you a life time so the cost really is reasonable.

Part Three of Propagating Plants


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