A Positive Change in the Lexington Kentucky Housing Market, My Observation

I moved to Lexington three and a half years ago.  When I began showing homes to

A House Not Ready to Sell

buyer clients at that time I was shocked at how poorly most of the homes I visited were presented.  It seemed that most homes were either in very poor condition, needed to be cleared of masses of clutter  or were in just basic need of general maintenance.

Today I showed 12 homes to a new buyer client.  Only one of those twelve homes in Lexington was in poor condition.  All were pretty clean and most were in good to excellent condition.  Some did need a little maintenance and others needed an obvious repair.  

Lexington Home Sellers I want to applaud you for making great strides in getting your homes ready to sell.  Lexington Realtors I want to also congratulate you for helping educate your sellers on what needs to be done to get their homes sold.  Lets continue to work together to improve the housing market and spur on the housing recovery.


A well cared for home. 976 Tanbark Road, Lexington Kentucky

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