A New Jubilee Team Listing inside the Circle in Lexington Kentucky is Coming Soon

Teasing Buyers

The next few days the Jubilee Team will be teasing buyers just a little with some clues about a  house that will be listed soon.   The owner of this house has spent many years adding a variety of perennials and shrubs that give this home wonderful color.   Here are a few photos that she has taken the past few years.

An Azalea Spectacular

The blossoms on this pink azalea are a dazzling darling in front of the picture window.

Spectacular Azalea awaits the new buyer.


The blossoms on the azalea remind me of the old cabbage roses I used to grow near Seattle.  These large azalea bushes are placed in front of large picture window to tantalize your senses during the spring.


Huge stargazer lillies await to delight.

Stargazer lillies are waiting for the new owner's enjoyment.


The pink lilac abounds with fragrant blossoms and is complemented by another large purple lilac (not pictured).

A very large pink lilac adorns the yard.

Pink lilac makes great ornamental for the yard but also terrific cut flowers to fill the home with sweet fragrance.

There will be more pictures of the flowers, trees and bushes in the next few days and of course in the listing.


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