7:30 am A very good run! Pushing through life.

I ran up to Chinoe Center this morning.  It was 37 degrees.  Just a little nippy so that my ears were a bit touched before my body warmed up.

As I run I am usually thinking of how I get to the next goal.  It is mostly an uphill run.  My lungs seldom hurt but my legs begin to feel a little like marsh mellows at about a half a mile.  If I keep my thoughts on how to get to the next spot without stopping I can push on and continue to push on a few hundred feet at a time.

I think pushing through frustration while running is much like all of life.  Life continually confronts us we routines, problems, and sometimes perplexing challenges that require us to keep on going.

Keeping on going is so much easier when we have a community that can support us through the struggles that happen.

I have dear friends right now that are struggling with a life challenge.  I am inviting you all to join me in helping support one of those friends. You can get all the details on how you can help by reading this earlier blog post.





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