10 Reasons to Sell your Home NOW!


Rector-Hayden Realtors

Rector-Hayden Realtors

10 Reasons to Sell Your Home Now!

1. Interest rates are still historically low.  Buyers can afford to pay more for a home now than they will when the rates rise.

2. There are fewer homes on the market to choose from during the fall and winter.  Buyers have fewer choices, so your home can be one of the “stars”!

3.  The fall and winter offer great opportunities with Halloween and Christmas to decorate the outside and inside of your home, showing it to its best advantage.

4.  Holiday breaks offer buyers more time to really look for homes.  If you can manage to keep your home available for showings during the vacation times you will be one of the few that buyers can really view.

5.  The colder weather really gives the home owner an opportunity to showcase how well their home is weatherproofed.  If you have a cozy, efficient home buyers will be most impressed.

6.  Many buyers have more money during the winter months.  Tax refunds are one advantage that few people have later in the year.

7.  The shorter days in fall and winter give sellers the advantage of really showcasing the outdoor and indoor lighting of their homes.  Make your home shine, and invite buyers to really enjoy the beauty of your home at night.

8.  The service industry workers are less busy and often you can get repair work done for less.  Do you need a bathroom updated before selling?  These fall and winter months can be times to save on remodeling work.

9.   Many realtors are low on inventory and have more time to help you sell your home during the fall and winter months

10.  The Jubilee Team is ready right now to help you list and sell your home!  Give me a call.  859 684 5890

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